Demi Lovato And Harry Styles Dating?

Watch out Justin and Selena a new teen power couple are on it’s way. Rumor has it One Direction lead, Harry Styles, is secretly dating Skyscraper singer Demi Lovato. Sources close to the pair have said: “Harry and Demi are really taking their relationship slow at the moment. They are currently just friends but who knows what could happen in the future.”

The pair have been spotted together at various place across the globe. All I can say is that they seem like such a cute couple!


13 thoughts on “Demi Lovato And Harry Styles Dating?

  1. idk it’s not likey harry is more of older woman attractive and demi she sees niall as hers but hey they not dating but they would make a cute couple

  2. no. this cant happen. niall and demi are PERFECT. but if harry and demi are together us directioners are going to have too except it

    1. i dont like think they should even be together……well if it makes Harry happy im happy….but i know maybe Niall will be hurt because he did kinda have a thing for her…

  3. dont get me wrong they are adorable together, but i just dont see it. we can obviously see that Niall and Demi have some kind of connection but i dont see it with Harry and Demi

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