Niall Horan Jealous of Styles Relationship With Lovato





Swift with Gomez, who reportable caused the end of Gomez’s longtime friendship with Lovato.

News on the street is that the 1D members, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, are reportedly in a full blown row after Horan finally expressed his interest in former Disney star and current X Factor Judge, Demi Lovato. A source close to the boys said that, Harry and Niall recently isolated themselves from one another after Horan had confessed his interest in dating Lovato after much media hype. Styles, who is secretly in a relationship with Lovato has been reported to have flipped out when his band-mate announced his feelings. Lovato, is also reportable furious with Styles fake media relationship with country-singer, Taylor Swift. It is also known that Lovato has a serve dislike to Swift, after she stole her longtime best friend Selena Gomez.

Who deserves Demi’s heart? Harry or Niall?



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